"No shit, and no thanks... I have other plans."

"Retire from crime, marry your man and move out into the country side? Raising Miltanks and  Torchics? Maybe Ponyta?"

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"I am all about intensity but yer pretty fucked up... Then again most elites are..."

"Mess with us and we’ll fuck you up, grunt."

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"Please tell me you're not quite as intense as the other one who looks like you. He's begun to seriously unnerve me."

"I’m much more intense, just better at directing that intensity. So who might you be stranger? Did he scare you?"

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» Tell me what you like BEST about my writing!

❥: Your internal monologues (thoughts) 



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» Tell me what you like BEST about my writing!
♡: Your narration
♥: Your dialogue
❥: Your internal monologues (thoughts)
❣: Your descriptions
❦: Your details
❧: Your plots
✽: Your ideas
✿: Your characterization
❁: There's good sentence variation!
✤: Your figurative language
❋: Your use of side characters
☆: Your understandably
☄: WILDCARD! Other: ______
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» Write a Headcanon about my character

If it’s good, it will become official.


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"…….I hope you do not mind me asking, Lance, but what is that you are making….?"

"It’s called a pancake. Want to try one? It’s best with syrup." 

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/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ "It's a wish, and a chance to do some good for the universe."

"A wish, huh? Like wishing away Entropy? I hated learning that during science class in school…"

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Im unsure, but its not a good creature, so it needs to be kicked. Repeatedly. Preferably in its equivalent of the nuts.


"Right, I’ll keep that in mind." Lance was so confused right now.

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