"No~" Yes.

"I’ll get a bunch of smeragle to paint you all kinds of way if you do."

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Headcanon- Lance says that he's awkward around children, but they love him. Boys want to grow up to be him and girls pretend he's a night in shining armor. A secret weakness of his are babies, he's doesn't get all gooey with them, but he relishes in seeing their little faces so full of life. :)

[…I’d say more behaved than awkward, but I can see it.


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Touch my muse! Touching is a quiet way of conveying your feelings, so tell me how you feel with your touch!

Stomach:Fun!/Silliness/"Wanna go cause some trouble?"

"You’re not gonna draw faces on my abs again are you?"

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» Touch my muse! Touching is a quiet way of conveying your feelings, so tell me how you feel with your touch!
Top of head: Sibling affection/parental affection
Hair: Yearning
Ear: "I want you to hear me out."
Nose: "You're so cute."
Cheek: "I want to tell you I love you."/Deep affection/Devotion
Neck: Dislike/Hate/Disdain
Shoulder: Worry/Concern for other/Fear
Waist: Possessiveness/"You are mine."
Over the heart: "I love you."
Butt: Sexual attractiveness/lust
Hip: Interest
Back: Wanting to kill/will betray you one day
Stomach: Fun!/Silliness/"Wanna go cause some trouble?"
Forearm: Indifference/Don't particularly care for
Biceps: Aggravation/Irritation/"You are an idiot."
Fingers: Friendship/amicable
Wrist: Fear of losing you
Knee: "Don't worry, I'm here for you."
Chin: Beauty/attractiveness
Thigh: Sympathy/empathy
Calves: "I will cause you pain."
Feet: "I will serve you forever."/Deep devotion and and feelings of servitude/extreme fealty
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» Write a Headcanon about my character

If it’s good, it will become official.


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image"That was easy. Here I thought I’d have to drag you," His eyes gleamed amused, tighten the grip upon his tie, pulling him closer and breathed hotly against his ear. "By all means~"

Lance played with his tie, enjoying the closeness and the eagerness, “That sounds fun. Though this tie could double as a handy leash for you. Choices, choices. ” He began to unbutton Ash’s shirt,  ”Tell me what ls you thought you had to do.”

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Do you think anime lance is hot?

"All Lances are hot. It’s the law of the universe and natural order of things."


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"Welcome!" He grinned widely, brightening up already. "Jirachi touch?" He reached up again a bit.


"So that’s it. You’re a Jirachi?" He knelt down so Jiarchi could touch his glorious hair. "What brings you by?"

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image"Just stating the truth."

"Oh it’s opposite day? Then yeah, your right as always, Volkner."

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"The entire world would be better off without Lance." 

"Still mad about fear boner you popped when we first met I see."

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